Free Range Canada Ltd.

What We Stand For

Free Range Canada Ltd is an organization dedicated to ensuring the humane treatment of farm animals and a safe and healthy food supply for all Canadians. We support all organizations that are making an effort to champion our beliefs.

Farm Inspection

This is where we inspect the living conditions of the animals. We ensure that the animals have sufficient space to behave naturally, are not raised in cages and have a clean, warm and comfortable place to rest.

Independent Lab Tests

We use external independent qualified labs to test feed and products to ensure that claims being made about the products are accurate. These tests are done randomly and on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance.

Product Claims Monitoring:

We require that all producers and retailers outline all of their product claims on their company website. we then can compare the claims to our tests and ensure they are compliant with our program.

Product Safety

We inspect the facilities where the animals are harvested which should be a short drive from the farm they were raised on. We inspect the cutting and packaging facilities to ensure that they are clean, licensed and properly regulated.

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