Farm Verification Program

June 10, 2016

It has been said that there is significantly more “natural” meat sold than there is produced. This is because there is very little regulation of the rules on what a retailer can or cannot say. As a result, consumers who shop for specialty raised meat rely solely on the word and honesty of the company they are buying from. As we all know, if it’s not in writing it’s probably not true.
Companies that say they are raising animals that are “drug free, “local”, “natural”, “free range”, “humanly treated”, etc, will spend a considerable amount of time and effort in educating consumers what they are doing different. Their advertising and websites will be full of these claims and will be very convincing. But why should you believe them? This is where Free Range Canada comes in. These companies contract Free Range Canada to verify these claims and if they pass our independent verification tests, they are authorized to put the “Free Range Canada Verified” label on their products and the consumer can have some comfort that they are getting what they paid for.
In order for a company or product to become Free Range Canada Verified it must pass the following criteria.

Farm inspection:
This is where we inspect the living conditions of the animals. We ensure that the animals have sufficient space to behave naturally, are not raised in cages and have a clean, warm and comfortable place to rest.
Independent lab tests:
We use external independent qualified labs to test feed and products to ensure that claims being made about the products are accurate. These tests are done randomly and on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance.

Product claims monitoring:
We require that all producers and retailers outline all of their product claims on their company website. we then can compare the claims to our tests and ensure they are compliant with our program.

Product safety:
We inspect the facilities where the animals are harvested which should be a short drive from the farm they were raised on. We inspect the cutting and packaging facilities to ensure that they are clean, licensed and properly regulated.