Our Philosophy

June 10, 2016

We believe that farm animals should be raised in an environment that is as natural to their behavior and needs as possible.
We believe that farm animals should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.
We believe that animals should always have enough space to roam, be stress free and never live in cages.
We believe that all farm animals should have plenty of feed that is natural to their diets and that clean fresh water should always be unlimited and easily accessible.
We believe that artificial growth enhancers such as hormones and antibiotics should not be used and animals should not be treated with sub-therapeutic medicines.
We believe that animals should live their entire lives on one farm and transporting of animals should be limited.
We believe that meat products should be sold and consumed in an area reasonably close to where the animals were raised.
We believe that farmers and processors should work to bring back farming to a time when all animals were treated humanely, ate natural food, and had the freedom to wander.